Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's do it for the Race!

There are ads all over for the upcoming Baseball World Classic- the real "World Championship," so to speak. Generally, players from a specific country (Mexico, Colombia, etc.) play for that country even if they play in the US the rest of the time; countries with less native players (Canada, Panama, etc.) can reach a bit further- say, American players who are children of Panamanians.

Anyway, the ads show a specific player in his country's uniform with some rah-rah line. Why any ad in the US should show any player other than an American one (Derek Jeter in this case) is one question; another is why some are in Spanish.

But for sheer offensiveness, you can't beat the statement of the Mexican player: "I'm not just playing for my country. I'm playing for La Raza."

Can you imagine some white player saying "I'm playing for my race"?

Oh, and that assumes a sort of uniformity among all the peoples of Latin America. Trust me, they can't stand each other- country against country, and race against race within countries. But let's all play for "La Raza," eh?


Anonymous said...

I saw that ad on a New York CIty bus yesterday and I almost drove off the rod. I couldn't believe it. Well, we White men should start declaring that we play, and work, and live and fight for our Race as well.

Anonymous said...

EPSN's site translates it as 'playing for the people' but I think that's a translation for the gringo's

Joe Commenter said...

It's "dog whistle" advertising. They are hoping that the white people won't pick up on the implicit message.

Sort of like BHO

JasonS said...

Here's a blurry cellphone pic of the ad in question in case anyone's interested: