Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Messiah Puts His Foot In His Mouth

I noticed something very interesting about this video: After saying "And then we go [jive word?] Europe," the crowd starts to laugh, and Barry realizes that most of his audience ain't going to Europe anytime soon. So he quickly cover with yet more phony jive, which sounds about as good from him as it does from Hillary: "All's we's can say is..."

It's amazing people don't see through this shyster. Ah well. (See these two troubling columns.)

Why is it that organizations so typically tilt left? Did these people never hear of drilling? Nuclear? Even the "industry analyst" on the radio was in favor of more regulation.

And then there's this piece (h/t): Is this guy actually so clueless that he doesn't realize why the MSM stopped reporting on the Iraq War just when it started going well, and why there's a sudden glut of economic stories unseen even in the actual recession years of 2001-2002? Please.


Liz said...

"Devil's Advocate" moment here. The guy makes sense to me.

Andrew Tyndall said...

Hi --

This is the "clueless" guy you referred to. For the record, the network news data series on economy stories that I referred to did surge during 2001-2002. The annual average for economy coverage is 1418 minutes. The above-average years are always in and around a recession: 1990 through 1993, 2000 through 2002, and 2008 so far. The years you referred to -- 2001 and 2002 -- spiked less acutely than usual for recession years because of the saturation coverage of the events of September 11th and their aftermath, a priority decision for which it would be very hard to reprimand network news executives.

Nachum said...

I'm flattered you responded! But I have a few points:

If I read your post correctly, the rate is far higher than it was in the 2001 period, and may even surpass the 1990 one by year's end. However, the fact is that we are *not* in a recession now, and we were in both of those periods. Furthermore, the troubles of the latter period began before September 11.

Of course, you are right that September 11 had an impact. That thought had occurred to me, Dude. (I'm in Santa Monica at the moment, so I have to use a bit of Lebowski lingo.) But you know us right-wingers: We love to blame the media. More often than not, we're right.

Liz: Hey, we *need* devil's advocates! Please, be that for me. It prevents us from intellectual laziness.

Nachum said...

By the way, Mr. Tyndall, my apologies if you were offended by the "clueless" line. I meant it as a figure of speech, no more.

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