Monday, February 04, 2008

Overheard at the Sefarim Sale:

Woman: Should I really be buying books that I'm never going to read?

Man: Well, it's not so much the buy books as an expression of your values.

Woman: What values are those?

Man: The value of buying books, of course.

Circular, but my feelings exactly.

The #1 item on this list is a bit unfair (for one, I don't think it's exactly true), so I figure I can be a bit unfair in response: What eventually happened to Brando? What's up with Steven Hill today? I can't speak for him, of course, but leaving fame and money aside...who'd you rather be?

Finally, nothing against the Giants, of course, but look at this list and tell me what it says about the development of our society. Eh, I guess it's not so bad. Three cheers...

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I recently saw the following, in this book. After writing the last Peanuts cartoon, Charles M. Schulz thought: "You know, that poor kid, he never even got to kick the football. What a dirty trick- he never had a chance to kick the football." With that in mind, this ad was actually kind of touching.

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