Friday, November 23, 2007

"Something's missing, all right."

Well, not that I expected it- in fact, I was expecting not to see someone's name on this list (pdf). But the absence is glaring nonetheless.

By the way, I find it entertaining to see how, now that the violent aspect of the Iraq situation has turned around, liberals have started to crow louder and more exclusively on the political aspect- no government or whatever. To which I respond, maybe we should apply the same logic to Belgium as well? True, no one's being killed there, but there's a country I'd say "good riddance" to faster, perhaps for that very reason.


Halcyon said...

What's your beef with Belgium? I happen to find it a rather nice place!

Nachum said...

Oh, nothing against them. Just as a unified political entity is all. Let them split in half and I don't think anyone would mind, except maybe the royal family.