Friday, October 12, 2007

C. Little

I used to ask people a trivia question: Who was the only person to win both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar? The answer was Bernard Shaw, in Literature and for the (adapted) screenplay of Pyagmalion, respectively.

Well, with the continued religious fervor of the warming (whoops: climate) crowd and their coronation of Algore, that's no longer true. Shaw was something of a political dolt, and Gore technically didn't win the Oscar (didn't keep him from grabbing it and speechifying anyway), but it's still a long step down from one to the other- and, if the Peace (har!) prize has to be discussed specifically, it's a long way from Albert Schweitzer and Mother Teresa (although the "har!" applies, really, to anyone not in a uniform) to a guy who made a movie, starring himself.

Then again, the Peace Prize has already gone to such lovelies as Rigoberta Menchu and Yasser Arafat. Oh, and Jimmy Carter, who I've never really heard talk before hearing him praise Gore this morning. Look, a Southern accent is one thing. Carter sounds like a hayseed. I wonder how people bought into him- but maybe that's how he fooled them into not realizing how evil he was. (Props to my Mom, who booed loudly whenever his image appeared in the Menachem Begin Museum.)

Lots to report- hope to post more soon!

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