Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mazal Tov!

That's my new nephew! Ain't he a cutie? Looks just like his pops, if I can say that.

Oh, let's have some congestion pricing news. First, the Nurse is handing out more lollipops, this time in the form of new bus lines promised. (I'd prefer they just keep mine running.) Oddly, many are express buses, which seems to defeat the whole idea.

Next, we have a mailing with a pitiful picture of a little girl (of course: "The Children") using an asthma inhaler. We are also told that "Clinton [Bill, I assume], Gore, Governor Spitzer, and Mayor Bloomberg" all support it. Well, I assume that works on all the sheeple on the Upper West and East Sides, but certainly not for me.

Finally, the Nurse declares that he doesn't know if it will work, but it should be given a chance. Well, work or not, I can guarantee one thing: Once the fee is imposed, it will never go away. The government is like Ferengi that way.


Halcyon said...

Very cute babs! But babies and politics don't mix!!! Let him have the spotlight. :-)

Nachum said...

You are right. I stand chastened.