Sunday, January 14, 2007

You Know You've Got Phasers Set to "Trekkie" When... go to an exhibit of Star Trek merchandise at a museum and discover that you've got an unnaturally large number of the items behind glass in your closet. And kick yourself because you once had more that you got rid of.

And, well, spend your time seeing if you can identify every one of the hundreds of action figures on display, mentally correcting mistakes made or blanks left by the museum and/or the manufacturers in labelling or production.

The best part was an unlicensed button reading, "Mr. Wesley Crusher, please report to the airlock." The museum wrote, "Date unknown"; I would place it at any point after Encounter at Farpoint.

On a completely different topic, in the latest Tradition, R' Carmy writes a sentence beginning thusly: "If one must talk (and talking is, of course, what many of us do for a living)..."

You gotta love that "us." More to the point, it (and, come to think, much of the previous issue as well) reminds me of Dick Armey's axiom about how "You don't have to be one of the seven 'talking professions' to make trouble, but it helps." Now if only I could find a list of what those seven were...


Halcyon said...

Hee! I want to know which museum had a trekkie exhibit. Sounds kind of neat, if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

You left this comment at Cross-currents and then ran away. Come on back and defend yourself like a man!

Nachum Lamm
January 29th, 2007 23:16 18Actually, one of Trotsky’s descendants is a leading Kahanist.

Oh, they bring up Perfidy. They always bring up Perfidy. I wonder if they’ve ever read it. As an NCSY adviser said to me about Perfidy, “You have to love Israel before you can hate it.” It seems like most posters here never covered the first step.

Nachum said...

I left the comment at BeyondBT, actually :-)

thanbo said...

Buttons I have: "Beam me up, Scotty, the elevators don't work."

"He's dim, Jed."

And there probably ought to be one, "Beam me up, Maltzy!"

Yes, "Beam me up Scotty" is as real as "Play it again Sam".

My brother gave me the catalogue for the recent auction of Star Trek props as a birthday present.