Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halcyon, below, wonders about dress pictures. Well, here are not one, but two lovely dresses (not to mention their wearers).
And here's another. OK, so there was a photographer to pose for, not me, but still lovely.

Speaking of Halcyon, no offense to her, but the latest addition to my stamp collection is a Beauty and the Beast issue. Now, I can understand, say, a Cinderella issue, or even Lady and the Tramp- those came out years ago, and certainly at least some are real (American) classics. But a 1990's film? It smacks too much of commercialism, "vault" notwithstanding.

Hmm. Wanted to mention Schroder, but after the last paragraph, I'll steer clear. Another time, in a more political post. Ta for now!


Halcyon said...

The dress is very pretty. Thanks for the pics. Now I want to know who the adorable baby is!

BTW: My company has nothing to do with American postage stamps! We are just a French theme park!! :-)

Nachum said...

The baby is my niece, Aurelia Rose. Adorable, indeed!