Wednesday, August 31, 2005

An IM conversation of yesterday:

She: Who's Kant?

Me: A German philosopher. [I show off a bit, partly with the help of Wikipedia.] He's pretty boring. I once suggested to a professor that it was the translation's fault, but he assured me that he was just as boring in German.

She: Great. I signed up for a course in that.

Me [Truthfully]: Oh, I'm sure you'll do very well.

We talk a while more, while I Google and search Amazon a bit. Then:

Me: Oh, no! It's not Kant who's boring- it's Hegel! Hegel is boring! Kant rocks!

She: Yeah! Go Kant!

I have weird conversations. Thank God.

Well, I declared the entire August to be my birth-month. As it ends today, I think I'll extend a bit more. Maybe through Labor Day? Maybe through December 31st? Maybe through my next birthday?

Eh, I'll pick the first.

I'm always struck by how the Times editorializes advice to parties of the Right- as if they're really concerned that those parties improve their chances. Usually, of course, that advice is simply for them to be more left-wing. Then there's this beaut today, which bemoans the likelihood that Bibi will take over the Likud. Horrors! the Times sighs. The Likud won the last election only because Sharon became such a left-winger! How will they ever win again?

Well, um, yeah. Except the Likud did so well in the last election running on precisely the platform that Bibi is now proposing, and on which Sharon did a 180 degree reversal. I'm not concerned.

Speaking of Times editorials, you have to love this. Really, the behavior of the liberals during this awful tragedy has been disgusting. (And just to be even-handed, that goes for all the politicos at The Corner who won't shut up about political play. Spend enough time in wonk-land and you begin to think everyone thinks like you. This holds doubly true for the leader of the attack, who've I've referenced before, on whom I can always count on to depress me in any matter, when he's not disgusting me by his seeming need to use insults to get across what otherwise would be a valid point. Shut up, Pod.) Prayers to all affected.

Off to Boston for a deposition! See y'all later!

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Shachara said...

Heh heh. Indeed.
By the way - I know I suck. I owe you a birthday dinner. You *will* get it. Im getting paid tomorrow -so I'll be rich! lets party! whoo hoo