Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ben Shloshim L'Koach

"At the age of thirty, one attains strength," say the rabbis. I'm not sure what precise meaning they had in mind, but here's a short prayer that they're right.

Thirty! Wow! Never trust me anymore! Here's a special thanks to my siblings overseas, who outdid themselves with the packages. Happy birthday, as well, to J.K. Rowling (and, not coincidentally, Harry Potter).

Anyway, here's an unrelated thought: When in San Diego two weeks ago (pictures below), I saw The Wedding Crashers. (Yeah, I really take advantage of these trips.) It's a hilarious movie, and I highly recommend it to my faithful readers (all two or three of you). Yesterday, I realized something: The elaborate preparations the two leading characters go through to crash said weddings (that's not a spoiler, but a premise) would be really unnecessary in the Orthodox world. Just think how easy it would be to crash some of the mob scenes that pass for "kiddushin" these days. I never have, but it's giving me ideas.

Let us hope, among other things, that this post gets me back to blogging regularly. I have lots more to say.

Happy Birthday to me! Want to see a nice, albeit unintentional, gift? Go here and search for "A reader". That's me!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know it was the big "30"
I thought you were going to be 29!

Happy Birthday! I guess there was good
reason why I went all out with the
gifts after all!


Zil said...

Remember - its Birthday Month? We agreed on it, remember? So, Happy Birthday! Many happy returns!