Sunday, May 08, 2005

A nice, quiet, relaxing Shabbat. What more can one ask for? During the Carlebach davening at the Barris', I closed my eyes for a second and was transported to the NCSY Shabbatonim of my past. Ah, "Truly youth is wasted," etc. And a lovely kiddush the next day, to top it all off. A bit of a silly moment during said kiddush, but I shan't post it here- ask me if you must know.

Now this is quite silly, from a generally silly source (with a lousy website, as long as I'm piling on them):
There could be the sense that here you have the two most visible representatives
of Southern religious conservatism both being taken down at least a peg and maybe just taken down — because of their relationship with Abramoff...There will be some who will paint with a broad brush and say, this is what happens when you make coalitions with these cursed people, the Jews."
Huh? What's this constant desire to find disaster for the Jews? (Abe Foxman, I'm lookin' at you.)The religious right actually disliked Clinton, and he was surrounded by Jews. Did we ever hear a peep about that? Perhaps the warm feelings toward Israel and Jews are genuine- did they never consider that?

Man, am I gald we decided not to get that paper anymore. I bet they keep sending it, though.

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