Monday, February 07, 2005

Via The Corner, a few links I'd like to post here as well:

Patton's speech. To get the blood pumping.

Mark Steyn. The last line of paragraph two is precious.

One smart parrot.

Check out the stirring video here.

New York Mag sez, "[Columbia University President Lee] Bollinger is a First Amendment scholar, a useful credential for a man who’s been forced to fathom the limits of academic freedom."

Um, I hope his scholarship tells him enough that he should know that the First Amendment has nothing to do with what happens in a private university like Columbia.

The ACLU is like a stopped clock- right twice a day.

This Super Bowl ad- a salute to the troops from Anheuser-Busch- (see also here and here) really had me choked up. Leave it to the New York Times to make a snarky remark: "A gauzy valentine to American troops, which ended with the Anheuser-Busch corporate logo superimposed on screen, was touching, but some viewers may have wondered whether "Busch" had been misspelled."

Uh-huh. Equate patriotism and support of troops with one political view, liberals, and you're gonna keep wondering why people question your patriotism.

Ronald Reagan's birthday was yesterday, and here's a nice piece of history to go with that.

Finally, all those people criticizing Bloomberg (pareve as he's being) for not being ra-ra about the courts forcing gay marriage on us should read this.


Anonymous said...

The last line in paragraph 2?? (re: Steyn's article). About the aunt falling down the elevator shaft?

Nachum said...
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Nachum said...

It's an odd twist, so TV-drama like. I wonder how many elevators there are in Cyprus anyway. (Not to detract from the tragedy, of course. It just comes out funny.)

Anonymous said...

That NY Times comment on the Anheuser-Busch "tribute" may have been snarky but was on the money.

It was cornball and it was out of place in the Super Bowl ad mix. The soldiers fatigues didn't even look authentic -- I guess even the US Army didn't want to be part of this.

Nachum said...

Hmm. I saw that the uniforms weren't real and thought, "There must be rules against using uniforms in ads." Am I not cynical enough?