Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Which leads me to wonder: Why is the Religious-Zionist community in Israel so enamored of charedim? Arutz-7, for example, is always protesting budget cuts to that community. Part of it may be their audience, part may be that the national-religious have never been overly "modern" in outlook, and part may be an overall right-wing trend in modern Orthodoxy, but after the current events, with the chareidi parties screwing everyone (and I do mean everyone, except for tired Likud and Labor hacks) to get some more cash, they're still at it?

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Sussman said...

I've noticed that the religious nationalists have changed their general attitude to the charedim. Back in 1995, the religious nationalists defended the charedim because they believed that all religious people in Israel were one embattled group. Now, the religious nationalists greatly resent the charedim, because the charedim refuse to serve in the army. Their attitude has changed.