Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Good News

To tell the truth, I've been smiling- at least on the inside- for the last day or so. The election news is fantastic, if for no other reason than who it makes mad and shows up. Of course, a lot that's much more important rested on this election, so it's good news for that as well. (Indeed, some of the former are related to the latter.)

Geez, that makes no sense. So the better news: The two main points made by the president in his victory speech dealt were reforming the tax code and social security. A man after my heart.

Anyway, I was thinking. I have no idea what this may mean, but consider: Clinton won two terms, followed by Bush, who's just won his second. Last time this happened? Well, FDR won four times (and Cleveland's second nonconsecutive term was followed by McKinley's first and incomplete terms), but the last time there were two two-victory presidents in a row was Lincoln and Grant. Of course, Lincoln didn't finish his term, so the last time it really happened was Jefferson-Madison-Monroe. Perhaps we're at a stage of consensus, where we don't throw presidents out. Or something like that.


Anonymous said...

upon being informed by a reporter of arafats death, president bush responded "Really? God Bless his soul"

Keep smiling, dumbass

Nachum said...

And this is supposed to change my mind why?

Anonymous said...

i cant imagine you would feel the same way if it was hillary or kerry who said the same thing.

Nachum said...

Well, sure. But I disagree with them on so much more. And I have more important things to worry about. See, for example, my actual post.

Oh, and when a Christian speaks in that way, it means, "Pray for his soul, 'cause he's going straight to hell."

Anonymous said...

you guys have a spin for everything.
your bias is sickening.

Nachum said...

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I can say I know where the President's heart is (even though I may sometimes disagree with where his heart leads him). Can you say the same about any of the winners on "your" side?