Monday, August 25, 2008


I saw the funniest thing today:
"This is a stunt and a distraction," she said. "It's not about reaching
voters but simply about reaching the media and promoting a story line…You and I
know that at the end of the day they're not going to run these ads…they're
simply putting them out as video press releases."
Wait a sec. This is the supposedly high-tech, Gen X/Y, YouTube candidate's campaign saying McCain's ads are illegitimate because he's only running them online? Geez, these people get upset when someone bests them on what is supposedly their own turf. Come to think, considering the tone of their campaign so far, they're probably offended the Presidency (if not Divinity) hasn't simply been handed to them. (There are actually some lines from the One himself to that effect.)

And now we have this massive blunder in the form of their responses to the Ayers thing. Groovy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I still remember how it went down eight years ago: Bush announced that his running mate would be Cheney (who was, in fact, running the veep search committee), and the MSM went into their usual on-cue talking point repetition. That is, almost as if they'd all gotten the same memo (and the way this often happens, as it happened here, you'd be hard pressed to say they hadn't), they began going on and on about how Cheney added "gravitas" to the ticket. Gravitas, gravitas, gravitas, as Bush (who'd only been governor of one of the Union's largest states for six years) apparently didn't have enough experience, as opposed to the former SecDef, or as Bush was too immature and needed an older figure (all of five and a half years older) "balancing" the ticket. Gravitas, gravitas, gravitas.

Actually, I used the phrase "MSM" above when, in fact, there wasn't much else. There was Rush, of course, and he did his patented MSM Talking Points thing, stringing together clips of all the "gravitas"es that were bouncing around.

Of course, whatever the truth was back then, there's no denying that a suddenly worried Obama (cue world's smallest violin) has definitely gone with what he thinks is the "gravitas" pick here. I happen to think it isn't, and that it'll just make things worse for him, but it's certainly what he's thinking. I just wonder if the MSM will start bellowing about "gravitas" now and what an empty suit the crazed Democrats settled on.

Speaking of those crazed Democrats, I wonder how many of them are actually delegates. Very few, I'd imagine, which would mean there's going to be some disappointment when (if) the excitement level at the convention isn't what it was on the trail. That's probably why he's using the stadium. That, and reasons best left to Jonah Goldberg.

By the way, have you heard Warren Buffett's latest genius pronouncement? That he doesn't think the government should manage the economy, but should just let people earn money and only then "tax the heck" out of them? Is this man such a moron that he doesn't realize that taxes is a major way the government runs (in a somewhat passive way, at least as opposed to, say, interest rates) the economy? Is he such an economic illiterate that he doesn't realize how damaging high taxes are? Is he so insulated by his wealth and closed circle that he doesn't realize that people don't like paying taxes (the people who end up paying them, that is), and that they usually accomplish diddly squat? Is he so corrupted by his vested interests in insurance that he just doesn't care, as he comes out on top anyway? And some idiot Chinaman (I know, wrong nomenclature, dude) paid over two million bucks to be able to bask in his wisdom for one lunchtime? (Well, China...yeah, I can see it.)

Of course, the reason Buffett's line is in the news is because the One, the One who needs gravitas, thinks there's something to that idea. Unlike Buffett, though, I really don't wonder about why Obama is so ignorant.

Ah, summer's almost over. I had quite a grand one. This is a good week to recount some of it, and I hope I'll be able to. Till then!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shut yo' mouth!

I don't know much about Isaac Hayes, RIP, but how can I not post a link to this video?

Yes, that's Jesse Jackson, with the sideburns and dashiki, screaming at the beginning. I don't judge- it was the 70's, after all. But you gotta love the bit where he whispers something, presumably really important, into Hayes' ear.

Friday, August 01, 2008

"Vus iz 'bacon?'"

Heh. Check this out, especially the link the bio at the end.

Will it hurt him? Of course not: They know who's on their side, much like a politician telling them (as in the classic story about the old Rebbe) that he loves Israel. (The title of this post is a joke, but there may be a point for him there too.)

Of course, that's part of the problem: That a politician can talk so openly about pork, and that people are so dependent (or greedy) that they eat that stuff up. I thought people (although probably not these people) were outraged- outraged!- about earmarks. I guess it's only other people's earmarks that's the issue.